But start somewhere.

Don’t hesitate. People often say that motivation is not permanent … well, that’s not brushing your teeth either! And for this reason the dentist of your trust will recommend you to brush your teeth several times a day! Motivate yourself every week, every day, like every hour anew!

Take your time.

All the time you need.  Quality before quantity. A saying not only in english but also in german and many asian countries. Take time to dream, that’s the way to the stars. Take time to think, that’s the source of clarity. Take time to laugh, this is the music of the soul. Take time to…


Pretexts that one prompts oneself and others and which justify not to carry out a resolution? Not infrequently, one convinces oneself by clever repetition of an excuse, even of its legitimacy.

Celebrate your success

Every day. Congratulate yourself on the most important things you can achieve in the day, no matter how small. Never end the day without feeling good about it. This will help you to start the next day motivated and in a much better condition. The quality of your goals determines the quality of your future….

Trust in yourself

There is only one person in this process who counts – #YOU. You are the person who does the work and must show effort. You are the one who has to complete this task so that you can score in promotion or make the big break. You are the person who receives the paycheck, which…

Daily Motivation

Many go through their lives without being aware of their lack of motivation or “average” motivation. It’s okay to do some tasks with average motivation, but not when it comes to achieving something. Motivate yourself to be more than average every day!

You are not alone.

Unfortunately, this point is often underestimated by others. But here are very many opportunities. Actively search for people who are pursuing the same goal. Let others help you. Bad habits are like a comfortable bed. It’s easy to lie down and it’s hard to get up again.Take their hand and stand up again.